Posted on August 16th, 2012

Why I Cannot Wait for the San Francisco 49ers To Play

Last year I clung to the edge of my seat. The 49ers were playing the best they had ever had in years. I knew we were kicking butt and throwing awesome passes all season long. There was a couple close calls but we ended up number one in the NFC West. Unfortunately, my team did not go to the Super Bowl over a simple mistake.

The new NFL season is going to kick off in September with the defending Super Bowl Champs NY Giants against the Dallas Cowboys. This is super exciting for me as the Cowboys rock! But, I so cannot wait to see if the 49ers can keep the magic alive again and this time make it to the Super Bowl.

Tonight the San Fransisco 49ers are playing the Vikings in the very first week of the preseason. It is halftime and the 49ers are leading by eleven. There is no contest in my book. The 49ers are going to destroy them!

This is going to be such an exciting year! The 49ers are rated number four coming into the new season. But they are so going to be number one soon and going to out run and out throw everyone.

Alex Smith is the quarterback for the 49ers and did such an amazing job last year for his team. But, Randy Moss came out of retirement and has decided to play professional football again. So, being a new addition to the 49ers, I think personally they will be a team very hard to beat. Having strong quarterbacks and receivers is pure team work.

You have to see how well this team works together, on and off the field. You are not hearing all the bad publicity of the players like you do with some other teams.

That is why I am proud I am a 49ers fan and I know where to get cheap nfl jerseys for my favorite team. I have been watching and rooting for them for over twenty years. Taking the bad with the good.

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